If you are reading this for sure item you received an email with an unmissable offer to earn from home: it is called  Bitcoin Code  and is sold as a trading robot designed by a Steve McKay for the English version and  Stefano Savarese  for the Italian version .


But be careful because if you continue to read explain you without a doubt that this system called Bitcoin Code is a scam and you must not put money.


The presentation will start telling you that the Bitcoin and criptovalute are the future to earn praises and even those who already have become rich by trading with this system and buying stocks like Facebook or the like.


Be careful: this presentation Here is a review of Bitcoin Code has nothing to do with the  Criptovalute we mentioned here and just wants to trick you to make a deposit on the site of a trading broker is not regulated and many already reported as outright fraud.


Being able to understand that this is a rip-off you see it from the start.


I’ll have already said on several items that the rapid enrichment methods are to be avoided.


All those presentations where they show people in holiday full of money from luxury yachts and large-displacement machines, have a common denominator: all presentations are prohibited by law because they see the realities that are impossible to achieve.


The ambassador then in the videos tell that earned more than 400 000 Euros !!!


And you would you go if you had earned him so much to say in a video ??


Immediately we realized there was something unclear, and if you keep reading you we will explain point by point why avoid this system called Bitcoin Code.


The official website, login and member area is:




and as you can see it is not even encrypted https and then is exposed to possible hacker attacks and identity theft.





bitcoin code truffa di stefano savarese

stefano savarese truffa bitcoin code


Below you will find the image of “Steve McKay” or “Stefano Savarese”, the “Genius behind Bitcoin Code”.


Then next to see an image of a “business man working with a laptop.” It is clear that Stefano Savarese is a fictional character that does not exist.


Her image, as well as that of “Chris Hadid” were taken from the Internet. Hadid is actually a Frenchman named Jean Edouard antologo Gresy who obviously knows nothing of this presentation and marketing seems to have already instructed his lawyer to file a complaint for using image without his consent.






bitcoin code scam: the testimonial already seen in other robots hoax


Going forward, we see here the false testimonies of some actor who sell their services on Fiverr, known website of collaborations and marketing services.


In this they are telling obvious lies unheard interpretations and how they have invested $ 250 and have made hundreds of thousands of euro in a few days. Some say even more than 700 000 Euros !!! Beyond belief!!


But let’s see what happens if you put your name and email address in the registration form.


At the end of the registration process does not refer to a platform for exchange of Bitcoin or Blockchain. Instead it refers to a certain broker offshore without regulation and without the possibility of additional choice: this broker has already been reported by CONSOB for marketing activities in Italy without permission.



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bitcoin code review and opinions of automated trading robot program

bitcoin code reviews scam

Going boast watching this fabulous video, you’ll see that starts by saying that in the last 90 days 3 people have changed their lives after investing in Bitcoin.


Then he says that more than $ 13,837 were credited in the bank accounts of new beta testers only in the last 24 hours.


And now it’s your turn to join the Bitcoin Code and obviously you lose all your money!


But if you want to have fun and see how to multiply the loaves and fishes in a virtual way, go ahead.


Although this system does work, with this broker you are sure that you can never take! They’ll never make you do.